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Gwen Ever

Gwen Ever is Deal Radio's very own rock n roll burlesque drag queen, who originally came into DR as a guest in October 2016 on the DJ Roughman show, and enjoyed the experience so much, she stayed to bring the world, her very own "A Low life In High Heels With Gwen Ever" radio show.


Tony West

I've always had a love for music and growing up I always toyed with the idea of being a radio DJ making awful mix-tapes with some dreadful segues.


Michael Dickson

I have always been passionate about music since growing up back in Australia. I remember listening to the sound coming from my sister’s room across the hall blasting the likes of Nirvana, The Atari’s and Blink 182 records and that’s when it all began.


Richard Sirot

I am a semi-retired actor and writer. I am pleased to say I am Deal Radio longest-serving and oldest presenter. This probably explains why all the younger members of DR keep asking me what it was like in the trenches at the battle of Ypres.


Chris Morgan

I have always been interested in programming that falls outside of the strict playlist format and that’s what makes Deal Radio a pleasure to be part of. The diversity of the content has made it possible to listen in and enjoy the great genre mix and of course for me to cater for those who appreciate music from the fifties and sixties. 


Lee Everest

Lee Everest is a radio presenter based in the UK and has over three years' experience working on live radio, for community stations as well as pre-recording and voice tracking shows.


Scape One

Scape One is Kurt Baggaley. He gained attention with his releases as scape one writing for labels like Electrix, SCSI-AV and Templedog.


Fran Winston

Fran Winston was singing and bopping along to music before she could talk or walk and it’s been a huge part of her life ever since. She was a long term contributor to Entertainment This Week on Dublin’s 98FM and has been a reporter on Dublin County Matters on Irish TV.

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