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The Global Underground

With Roger Brockbank

The Global Underground show plays all the latest releases and classic sounds from around the world. Roger plays anything from Salsa, Bluegrass, Blues, and Son, to Rumba, Carnatic jazz, devotional Sufi music, Mongolian throat singing, and Danish heavy metal.

I retired to what I thought at the time was a quiet seaside town and instead found something entirely different – a town with a lively music scene and Deal Radio!

I worked for the NHS for 35 years managing mental health services. Now, after a chance encounter with Deal Radio weeks before the 2020 lockdown, I volunteer as a DJ and have a radio show under my belt. With no previous broadcasting experience, it was a challenging beginning that led to The Global Underground radio show.

My show reflects my love of music from around the world, particularly from Africa, where I travelled. Each week I play brand new releases from continents and countries from around the world. This includes anything from Bluegrass and Country to Desert Blues, Soca, Salsa, Flamenco or Rhumba.

Doing the show has kept me sane during these strange times, and I know from messages sent from around the world that the show has made a difference to others. Music really does heal. But I am a hippy, man.

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