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Marc Carey (or Mr. C as most people know him) is the founder and creator of Deal Radio (DR). As a lifelong media man, Mr C has worked in all areas of broadcast and performance – from DJ’ing in backstreet pubs through to producing West End Theatre shows, from presenting on Hospital Radio through to show creation on International Multimedia platforms! A passion for music, comedy and community have pushed Mr C through the years and this mixed motivation manifested finally in the guise of DR. A true community radio station worthy of its place in the 21st Century, with the term ‘community’ redefined to reflect a modern interpretation and mirror the new media communities evolving through social media etc.

The original idea for DR came to Mr. C when he was chatting over a pint with his old mate Dan Gray. Dan had set up Soho Radio as a new breed of community radio – that has now emerged under the banner ‘Streetside’ Radio. Streetside Radio is the concept that a radio station can be listened to globally on multiple platforms and still retain a street side presence where members of the community could literally ‘drop in’ and take part. It seemed an obvious model for Deal – a vibrant diverse community that feels more like Soho by Sea at times. Initially working with local arts/music groups – The Astor Theatre, Smugglers Records, Creative Writing Groups etc – DR soon established itself as the new kid in town. After a number of reinventions and some dubious schedule changes over the years, DR has now settled into its place as THE number 1 Streetside Radio Station in Kent.

DR’s flagship shows include Mr C’s UYC Experience – a long running irreverent music/chat show that has existed for over 20 years (on various platforms). The show attracts musicians, artists, comedians and the occasional oddity (more than often) all sharing a passion for their art. Broadcasting 8 – 10pm on Thursdays, the show has become a staple for listeners across the globe with many tuning in religiously across time zones. Ably assisted by fellow DR’ites Lisa Lauder (Miss L) and Tony West (Phatzy Small)) the team deliver solid hilarity and an accompanying soundtrack of bluesy rock inspired tunage. UYC has that old adage – ‘You don’t have to be mad to work here, but it helps!’. Why not join Mr C and his entourage each week – you can listen in via the usual methods for DR and also jump on the Facebook Group page (The Chuff Bus) to engage LIVE with fellow Chuffers and the hosts and guests.

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