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Summer holidays in Devon around Sidmouth Folk Festival time introduced me to Folk Music and it's a love that's stayed throughout my life. (I was the guy with long hair, Monsters of Rock T-shirt and leather jacket sat in the corner of The Anchor nodding along to sea shanties). So when the opportunity to do a second show on Deal Radio I had to have a go at a Folk […]


In Yer Ears

Presented by Neil Vessey

In Yer Ears was born out of Dad Radio whose format had run its course. In the early days In Yer Ears was a mixture that included more old music than new but as my contacts in the music world expanded I’ve been able to develop the show into the show I always wanted to present. Two hours of the best new Rock releases with new unsigned bands introduced as […]

It’s been said I have an eclectic taste in music. The first time someone said that I thought they were being rude but I consulted me dictionary and found they were right! And it’s fair to say they’ve gotten more diverse as the years have passed.

Rock music was always top of the agenda but having spent summer holidays in Devon when the Sidmouth Folk Festival was on, a longstanding love of Folk and Roots music has run alongside it.

How did I get into this radio lark? Well that’s all down to Mr C who used to do his show on another station aided and abetted by t’other Mr C an old, old friend of mine who got me listening. When Mr C was setting Deal Radio up he asked us Pioneer Chuffers to help advertise the station in the local area. I pointed out that being over 100 miles from Deal I wasn’t exactly local. “You know your music why not have a go at producing and presenting a show”
And that was the start of what’s been a great adventure that shows no signs of stopping.


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