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Presented by Lisa Michalski

The best music you’ve never heard! Deal Radio has always had amazing submissions from every kind of music. So many that we have dedicated a single show to it! That’s Submission. Tune in to hear the best of new and unheard music which has been submitted to the station. Please visit the link if you would like to be considered for future shows:

Lisa Michalski (Polish pronunciation Mi-xal-ski) – otherwise known as Ms M, grew up in Ashford, Kent before heading off to London to work as a talent agent, where she assisted in managing the careers of various celebrities/presenters/comedians and actors of the 1990’s. With the added skill of being able to hold down a tune herself, she later obtained her Equity card through session singing and has since appeared in various TV/films/ commercials, and has performed at gigs/festivals, on stage and has even had the pleasure to sing with a small choir for HRH Prince (now King) Charles at The Prince’s Trust Awards.

Following raising her two sons, both whom have flown the nest, she returned to her East Kent roots and now works behind the scenes at Deal Radio and for our sister record label Roulette. She has always been passionate about helping other musicians showcase their talents, and is delighted to be presenting this show.

Ms M describes herself as a “workaholic and shopaholic” – who sadly “doesn’t speak much Polish being of decent” who now only sings to her Number 1 fan – her Scottish Fold Cat, ‘Calamity’!

If you would like to submit your music for SUBMISSION WITH MS M please go to

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