The Folk Pilot

With Neil Vessey

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Summer holidays in Devon around Sidmouth Folk Festival time introduced me to Folk Music and it’s a love that’s stayed throughout my life. (I was the guy with long hair, Monsters of Rock T-shirt and leather jacket sat in the corner of The Anchor nodding along to sea shanties).
So when the opportunity to do a second show on Deal Radio I had to have a go at a Folk Show.
And so The Folk Pilot was born.

Like In Yer Ears it started a mix of old and new, like In Yer Ears it’s now predominantly new artists and new music (though I might throw the odd classic in every now and then).


The Folk Pilot crew


Neil Vessey

It’s been said I have an eclectic taste in music. The first time someone said that I thought they were being rude but I consulted me dictionary and found they were right! And it’s fair to say they’ve gotten more diverse as the years have passed.

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