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DJ Spoonz’ love of music was born at a young age in the hills of his beloved Jamrock. After moving to London DJ Spoonz carried that passion through his formative years and into university. DJ Spoonz plays a variety of rhythms and instruments, from Reggae to Soca to Dancehall. He has been part of several bands and performed at numerous live events: Brixton Splash, One Love Festival and Notting Hill […]

DJ Spoons, born and raised on the vibrant island of Jamaica, is a musical maestro with reggae pulsating through his veins. From an early age, Spoons immersed himself in the rich cultural tapestry of Jamaica, cultivating a deep love for the reggae genre that would become the cornerstone of his artistic identity.

Venturing beyond the shores of Jamaica, DJ Spoons found his way to the bustling music scene of London and Europe. His journey as a musician led him to collaborate with various reggae bands, musicians, and artists, establishing him as a versatile and sought-after talent in the international reggae community.

With a soulful connection to the rhythms of reggae, DJ Spoons is more than just a disc jockey; he is a passionate advocate for love, togetherness, and unity. His music serves as a vessel for these powerful messages, creating an atmosphere of positivity and harmony that resonates with audiences worldwide.

DJ Spoons’s unique blend of island roots and international experiences has not only solidified his place as a popular radio DJ but also as a cultural ambassador for reggae music. Through his artistry, he continues to spread the infectious spirit of reggae, bringing people together and fostering a sense of unity that transcends borders. “Globally from Locally”

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