With Chris Redjam

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Friday 11:00 pm 12:00 am
Saturday 12:00 am 1:00 am

Chris Redjam invites you to join his dynamic radio show, where he delves into the vibrant world of music with special guests from around the planet, showcasing a diverse array of sounds and styles to elevate your listening experience.

Regular feature segments include:

  • Bands and Artists EP/Album Breakdowns – Hear the stories behind the music directly about new releases from the people who created and produced them.
  • Radio Recorded Sessions – Exclusive to the show, unique and original material.
  • Uncovered Cover: A unique twist on a historical or brand new track with a reimagined or alternative version performed in a distinctive style alongside the original.
  • Redjam’s Remix: A classic song, extended, remixed, and remastered to HQ sound quality by expert UK producer Ian. R. Stone.
  • Gig Review: Our avid and intrepid UK correspondent Ted brings to you the latest insights and highlights from their most recent outings.
  • Join Chris for a celebration of music, special guests and facts that promises to enrich your week with rhythm and melody.

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