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The Fab 60s

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The Fab 60s show, a trip back to the best music decade of all time. Whether you were there or not a chance to hear what you missed (if you can remember the 60s you weren’t there!)


Remember When

With Chris Morgan

For those who can remember what they were doing 65 years ago but struggle remembering this morning.  

I remember standing in the desert with Lawrence during WW1 and saying that it would be pleasant to listen to the radio. He pointed out that it hadn’t been invented yet so I had to wait for the Roaring Twenties. However at that time in order to broadcast you were required to wear a dinner jacket which I didn’t own. 

Then came the forties and another war so I was back to the desert with Monty. 


When the fifties arrived the great Broadcasting Company ignored teenagers and Rock ‘n’ Roll so not much fun in that. With the coming of the sixties, Pirate Radio floated onto the scene and I thought I would like to be part of that and then I remembered I wasn’t old enough to leave school. 

The best plan was to get an education and time as an electronic apprentice. Sadly by the time I had achieved all that the stations were gone and local radio was only one step away from the dinner jacket brigade so I acquired some more engineering qualifications and a degree. 


The one thing that kept me interested in radio was my ever-increasing vinyl collection and with the increasing collection of music came an increasing love of music genres. 


I have always been interested in programming that falls outside of the strict playlist format and that’s what makes Deal Radio a pleasure to be part of. The diversity of the content has made it possible to listen in and enjoy the great genre mix and of course for me to cater for those who appreciate music from the fifties and sixties. 

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