Tony West



The Monday Nightmare

With Tony West and Paul Starman

The Monday Nightmare is the perfect Monday night rock show to cure those Monday Blues. Join Tony And Paul every Monday night from 8PM for a mix of comedy, prog, rock, and metal, new and classic with some curveballs along the way. There is also the infamous 'Monster Of The Week' segment as well as 'Blast from the Past' where Paul and Tony both play a seminal album and relive […]

I’ve always had a love for music and growing up I always toyed with the idea of being a radio DJ making awful mix-tapes with some dreadful segues. I’ve now grown up (apparently) but that does not mean the segues have become any better, although you’ll have to tune in to find that out for yourself.

Aside from the content I create for you lovely listeners, I’m also in charge of looking after the studio, the programming and I also help people realise their visions to become presenters themselves.

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