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Monday 10:30 pm 11:00 pm

An audio experience that’s been described as a similar feeling to being pinned outside a pub by an aggressive Irish man, who keeps asking inappropriate questions and berating you for thirty minutes before santering off to find his next victim. Has been known to answer their own questions on occasion.

Winner of many illustrious Awards: The Biggie for “Best Podcast Ever of All Time” and Plantypod’s Award for “Grumpiest Podcaster” are a couple of examples from the catalogue of accolades collected in our first year of podcasting. Not too shabby for an independent podcast with no experience, talent or mass appeal.

We hope you’ll join us for an episode or two as we have a different guest appearing every week. Set aside thirty minutes, put your feet up and make sure the kids aren’t in the room. I’m afraid some of the guests use some disgusting language. Then we ask the golden question: WTFDYW?!

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