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Dance Party Weekly

With Lee Everest

The Dance Party Weekly is a weekly Radio Show,  The show is 180 minutes long and formatted into 9 parts to work round ad and news breaks, or one whole180-minute track (stations have the option to use parts 1-6 as a 120-minute show) The music Genre is EDM, house, commercial dance and upbeat club classics.

Lee Everest is a radio presenter based in the UK and has over three years’ experience working on live radio, for community stations as well as pre-recording and voice tracking shows, he currently works for Uckfield FM (cover and 10-12 Friday nights), Meridian FM(Monday Breakfast) and Seahaven FM (Saturday 6-9pm) in this capacity. The DPW is recorded in his personal studio via Rodecaster pro and by using beds, and jingles the feedback so far is “it sounds live”

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