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IN MY LIFE  is a show with Richard Sirot. It’s a sort of mix between “This Is Your Life” and “Desert Island Discs”. Each week Richard’s special guest will have chosen their tracks to play and explain what they have meant to them in their lives.  There will also be a bit of general probing about the guests family and career.


Paperback Writer

Presented by Richard Sirot

PAPERBACK WRITER, as its name suggests, is all about authors/writers who have just published a new book. I interview a wide range of guests with a wide range of subject matter. We always endeavour to give our listeners a taster of what is in each respective book, along with some background on the writer. Despite this being the age of the computer, books are NOT going out of fashion. If […]

I am a semi-retired actor and writer. I am pleased to say I am Deal Radio’s longest-serving and oldest presenter. This probably explains why all the younger members of DR keep asking me what it was like in the trenches at the battle of Ypres. I tell them I was only the tea boy. I am now being serious when I say that working on DR has changed my ageing life. Over the past 6 years, I have had the pleasure of interviewing some fantastic celebrities, including some of my music (and comedy) heroes and heroines. I have also had the joy of interviewing local people. Another great bonus has been making some great new friends.

Other interests include theatre, books, writing for a local magazine and dogs – which I am mad about.

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