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Headz Up! A one-hour show attempting to unite local musicians and music lovers alike. We will aim to get people talking and thinking about THEIR local and national music scene and how we can unite to improve it. Music is generally on the “heavier” side, but we are always open to suggestions regarding the playlist, but please remember that we go out pre-watershed! E-mail your requests, discussion points, or responses […]

How did I get my particular taste in music?
Since Slade released Mama Weer All Crazee Now in 1972, I have always been drawn towards the “rockier” genres of music. My teenage years were spent listening to Alan “Fluff” Freeman on the radio, which broadened my taste and also gave me an awareness and appreciation of classical music, due to his use of it in show jingles. I’d also like to think that he’s had an effect on the way I present Headz Up.

Having two older sisters (one a Mod, one a Rocker!), I was also surrounded by a variety of music in my pre-teenage years, but it wasn’t until one of my sisters was given Uriah Heeps “Demons and Wizards”, again in 1972 (I was 11, by the way), that the mould was truly cast.
I immersed myself in anything that wasn’t considered mainstream. Prog, Rock, Metal, Thrash, Punk (to a lesser degree). You name it, I gave it a chance!
Living for many years in Canterbury, which had, and still has got, a vibrant grass-roots music scene, I was happy to be considered “a more senior” gig-goer that could be seen jumping around in the mosh-pit! These years gave me an appreciation of grassroots music and the fact that it is, and always will be, the future!
As a radio presenter, it is an honour to support grassroots music within all of the Rock sub-genres, and the venues that allow them to ply their trade.

How did I get involved in Deal Radio?
Having been released from Prison in 2015, after serving 30 years (released with a pension, I may add!), I soon realised that I needed something to fill my time. I wanted to get involved, in some way, with the local music scene. Among other things, I enquired about a position at my local radio station, saying that I just wanted to be involved. Making tea, cleaning the studio. That kind of thing. I heard nothing until I was contacted in 2016 about Deal Radio being set up. The rest, as they say, is history!
Thank you for reading, and thank you for your support of Deal Radio.

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