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UK Number Ones

With Nigel Chorley

The UK singles chart commenced in November 1952 and there has always been a number single every week since. Chart toppers that were one hit wonders, instrumentals or by solo singers, duo’s, trio’s, groups or more and with many remaining in our hearts forever. There have been seasonal songs, comedies, or fund raisers, competition entrants and in more recent years, those voted for online. In the UK Number one singles […]


Heritage Of Soul

With Nigel Chorley

Nigel’s love of soul music started in the late 1960’s when he discovered mail order record companies and could buy mystery bundles of 45’s. In there would be anything from awful dross pop to fantastic soul rarities and his love of the latter grew from then and still continues today. The Heritage of soul show includes UK soul chart hits but also tracks from the early roots of jazz/blues/soul crossover, […]

Nigel was born when radio was still in black & white and he suffered the days of Listen With Mother but loved the Light Programme comedy, which he still collects today – The Goons, Tony Hancock, The Navy Lark, Round The Horne etc. right up to today’s modern radio sitcoms.

He knew radio was for him when he heard the pirates and even set up his own radio station at home – a cable service for Mum and Dad with different shows in the kitchen and the lounge! Nigel started DJing at school near Croydon, Surrey, with the lunchtime disco, before becoming a mobile DJ around London and Surrey in 1972.

His first jobs were for the BBC, first in News Information and then in the biggest record library in the world, the BBC Gramophone Library, where he learned the craft of radio as he sat in studios and offices watching the masters at work. A founding member of a five-hospital radio station in South London, he found time to play jazz on a commercial station before concentrating on running a disco agency for other jocks, mobile and in clubs and pubs in South London, providing voiceovers and creating jingles whilst still on the road himself.

In 2008 Nigel joined Seahaven FM in Seaford, East Sussex playing pop and soul over four shows and soon became a programme controller with a keen interest on the professional output of the station, then only on the internet but now with an FM licence and two FM frequencies serving around 40% of East Sussex.

In August 2017 Nigel commenced a new venture – syndicating some of his radio shows to stations around the world.

Nigel currently presents shows on FM and digital radio in the UK, Spain and worldwide through internet streaming, cruise companies and hotel groups and has ambitions to develop the home market. There is interest from Australia and Germany amongst other territories too.

Nigel’s music taste varies across the entire spectrum from light classical to rock/metal and anything “Good to his ears” in between.

Nigel has a great love of jazz, soul and the UK charts with a grail to own as many hit singles as possible – on any format from his 45rpm collection to the latest download purchases.

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