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The Andy Cousin Show

With Andy Cousin and Lisa Jane Mires

Andy Cousin and Lisa Jane Mires present the best Alternative, Alternative Rock, Gothic Rock and Doom Metal radio show in the UK and beyond. Going out to the world with energy and passion. The Andy Cousin Show, live on Deal Radio.

Andrew ‘Andy’ Cousin is an English Bassist, Radio Presenter and less commonly known, a guitarist from Huddersfield in England. He is principally known for being the bassist of All About Eve: he has also played bass for The Mission and is a founder member of The Lucy Nation.

Andy started playing guitar in his early teens, following his love of independent music, taking his inspiration from post-modern pop. After finishing Art School Andy took a new direction, his creative nature and love of music saw his life move into the music industry. A self-taught guitarist, Andy spent many hours working on chords and melodies on an acoustic guitar, before finding his talent for the bass.

After the success of All About Eve, including several major recording deals, headlining concerts, tv appearances and videos, Andy has put his hand to many different projects including music production, co-writing hit songs and photography.

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