Dreamers by Chaser Review

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When this record by Chaser was released earlier this year, I was at half-mast. It’s an instant classic and it seemed as though Christmas had come early.

The sound resonates with so many in the punk rock community and this grabs you by the jewels from the get-go… Bravo.

From the opening track ‘Fight of our Lives’ with the smashing bass intro and familiar lyrics to accommodate it that lots of people can relate to with their own struggles which bring a personal connection to the record. It rounds off with a heart-warming tribute to legends of the scene Bad Religion and NOFX with fast-paced frenetic guitar work in between. The Dreamers record fills you with hope and excitement for the future with its energetic and humbling sound from front to back and it reminds you that when life gives you lemons, you boot that lemon over the fence, pick up your shit and carry as best you can.

The vocals from frontman Mike Le Donne and intoxicating riffs from lead guitarist Bill Hockmuth throughout keep you fixated on the beautiful melody to immerse yourself in the Chaser experience.
The lead singles of the record ‘A new direction’ and ‘2020’ renew the faith that punk rock is alive and kicking ass. Check out the masterpiece below.


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Written by: Michael Dickson

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