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Women of Our Time

With Rosie Wall

WOOT – Women of our Time was founded in 2018 by Rosie Wall- Women’s Radio Presenter at Deal Radio with Marc Carey as Director/Producer. WOOT is a collection of recorded female voices from all walks of life that celebrates the rise to equality for women of our current time by the sharing of their life stories in desert island disc style. WOOT women share intimate details of their life struggles […]

Having worked for Deal Radio now for over Five Years I pride myself on understanding the importance of this global multi-media platform and have enjoyed developing my role into Communications and PR for the Station both locally and globally. This is a truly unique collection of presenters/producers and a wonderful tech team. I’m just so proud to be part of DR’s Past, Present and Future!


I started my time at Deal Radio with a show called ‘Creative Women’ born out of my interest in all things journalistic and Creative and most recently have honed interests in the direction of Abstract Art

Creative Women evolved into a successful Mixcloud Podcast called ‘Women of our Time’ where I interviewed Women from all walks of life in Desert Island Style.

Currently, I am broadcasting as zany Co-Host with the Director of Deal Radio, Marc Carey on ‘The Saturday Drop in’ and wherever possible also with Marc and the whole team, ‘live’ at local events. 

I call these my “Happy Radio Days”. 


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