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Bow Outside the Box is a show all about music including Dance, House, Chill, Jungle and so much more to bring you positivity and to play something you can dance to. Join the party every Tuesday night at 6:30 to 7pm. We sometimes have some interesting interviews and chats. Anything goes, doors open to everyone, free spirited and everything outside the box. Follow the show on Instagram

Bow comes from a background of a very successful dance band known world wide, not only In Italy, in 93 called Ava and Stone. Even though they started out as a rock/contemporary band they moved over to commercial dance. The band was made up of Bow, songwriter and musician, who has written hits for other bands too… no name dropping 😂😂😂

Bow has always been in the music business and worked in theatre, at the moment getting together a new band…watch this space!

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