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MEXICO & USA business folk & universities sign a joint venture to help conserve Mexican properties

The most important thing you need to know is that GHR.NETWORK is the only cryptocurrency (utility token) in the world backed by a 5,000 acre escrow comprised of solid, stable, REAL ESTATE. The property has been assessed at $2.3 Billion USD by the Architectural and Engineering firm of Villagomez-Otaki Consultants.

Although deemed a National Park in 1936, the land mass (The Nevado de Toluca) is privately owned and the owners are ready to develop it into the beautiful land that it is naturally and enhance safety features for visitors.

The owners have signed a SAPI Investment Agreement. It is a well-recognized international contract designed specifically for investment by North American, Canadian and European investors to bring projects and business opportunities onto properties in need of development in Mexico.

Here is the best explanation of the SAPI contract: Mexico Is Trending – SAPIS: A Tailor-Made Solution For Investors – International Law – United States (

The SAPI contract between the owner of the Nevado de Toluca land mass, Julio Ramon Alvarez Diaz and Ruth DiTucci, CEO of GHR.NETWORK is a renewable escrow account dated to last 50 years.

The contract will drive investment and development while simultaneously respecting and protecting the biosphere in all aspects. The project has been registered internationally as a “green” biosphere conservation protection Joint Venture.

The project will monitor wind, air, solar, mineral and groundwater flowing beneath the land’s surface and has been deemed eligible for carbon credits. All flora, fauna and wildlife will be protected.

A serious aspect of this project is the geo-locating and registering of every tree in the vast woodland regions of the Nevado de Toluca property.

The principals are now interviewing resort developers from France, Switzerland, Norway, Utah, Colorado, etc., that are highly skilled and experienced at building ski resorts and hotels in sub-zero environments.

The project originators plan for a ski lift, full-service hotel, professional ski setups, a spa, restaurants, and water activities where available such as kayaking, canoeing, row boating and other water sports entertainment (if protection considerations allow).

Mobile medical units, an Internet cafe and a university partnership for scientific research are planned for the study of crops that grow well in frigid climates.

The property will also have a canine driven, human search and rescue program run by veterinary students.

An online gaming center is planned on the property for international gaming competitions. And last but not least, a chapel will be installed so that guests may attend or create their own worship or meditation services.

All activities conducted anywhere on the property will be payable in cash or GHR.

We run the business on our computers and smart phones in Florida, US but our legal corporate registration is in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Let’s take that mountain – let’s take Toluca!

Written by: Marc Carey

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