The UYC Experience Shouts Out to Matt Hoy

today May 19, 2022

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Mr C is super excited to talk to Matt Hoy, formerly of UB40, Director of Wonderland Music and solo artist.

As Matt tells us:-
I have a passion for music, that is the same as my passion for life.
Live it, Breathe it, Share it, and Love it….
My music would best be described as R&B with a generous splash of Reggae. The world is in need of some up to date old school vibes. Relevant messages, truths, peace and understanding.
My music comes from a place of sincerity and honesty.

All my life I have been heavily influenced by 80’s and 90’s R&B. From the artists, to the producers, and many of the musicians. Mimicking singers such as Freddie Jackson, Luther Vandross, Bobby Brown, Alexander O’Neal, drawn in by the songwriting and production of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, BabyFace and Teddy Riley.

It was in some way inevitable that my natural conception of original music would lean heavily towards my overwhelming love for R&B.

With that in mind, the last 10 years have seen me travel around the world many times over, as a vocalist with UB40 featuring Ali Campbell & Astro.

The indoctrination into the world of Reggae music has been nothing short of amazing. Discovering the different styles of reggae, being educated, by having a legend like Ali Campbell impart his knowledge of 40 years in music, both reggae and pop.

This then leads to my inevitable correlation of the two styles.

My style within music, stems from an overwhelming love for R&B music and a crash course in Reggae, which is still ongoing.

Over the years, people would ask me frequently, when I was going to record my own album? So in 2018 I submitted, writing my debut solo album entitled TOUCH. The lead track from the album, Happy went on to win me a World Songwriting Award in the fall of 2019.

My new album, STRONG is a journey through different emotions, from strength and positivity; love and sensuality; to abuse and loss. Each song is a passage into personal experience or wishful thinking! I 100% guarantee there is something for everyone. it has already spawned two numberone singles, with title track Strong and Wonderland.

The overwhelming factor for me this time around, is that I get to work and perform with some of the most amazing musicians and vocalists that spurned my love for this craft and genre right back in the beginning.
These guests include:
Patricia Lacy and Andrea Macklin, members of the three time Grammy Award winning group the Sounds Of Blackness.
Walter Chancellor Jnr, Saxophonist with the incredible Prince and The New Power Generation
Dessy Di Lauro Ric’Key Pageot, In10sive, Janine Dyer andMajor Popular
To say I’m humbled is an understatement, but I honestly feel like my life in music has all been an apprenticeship.
The first release from my new album STRONG is out now.
To find out more about Matt and listen/purchase his music, hit his webiste

Begin May 19, 2022 H 8:00 pm
End May 19, 2022 H 10:00 pm
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