Women of Our Time

With Rosie Wall

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WOOT – Women of our Time was founded in 2018 by Rosie Wall- Women’s Radio Presenter at Deal Radio with Marc Carey as Director/Producer. WOOT is a collection of recorded female voices from all walks of life that celebrates the rise to equality for women of our current time by the sharing of their life stories in desert island disc style. WOOT women share intimate details of their life struggles and challenges and also share tips and advice as well as celebrate their unique successes. Each WOOT woman shares dedicated desert island disc music choices and a piece of their truth and wisdom in their own “message in a bottle” to the world.

Through the sharing of stories we become stronger and as a collective, we move closer to female empowerment and self-actualisation, outside the definitions and constraints of perceived gender roles and bias. We do not believe in competition. We believe in collaboration as we understand that we are all singularly unique. Our voice is unique to us. Our wisdom for sharing. WOOT supports equality for all against a gender bias backdrop and understands the pressures also placed on men to conform to a distinct male stereotype. We welcome the rise of the new feminist man and we also support the struggle men also face to ‘provide’ and conform. We welcome the evolution of a fresh new unbiased Gender fluid world, free of pressure, conformity and disproportionate, associative expectation.

Each week WOOT will take an important theme such as Positive Body image/Life direction/Racism/Sexism/Motherhood Art/Music/Design and share ideas on the dedicated topic- with one lead and several other female voices

WOOT Women also share each other work collectively and collaboratively – We share our work across all social media platforms, in the local community, across the UK and globally through celebrated international projects. We share to help encourage each other and cross-pollinate fresh ideas and projects across multiple areas and platforms. As part of WOOT a female ‘collective’ known as “The Bloomsbury Girls” has been founded by Rosie Wall. This group of women have embodied the ethos of WOOT and female empowerment, philanthropy and collaboration. All of whom are also WOOT voices and participants. We celebrate the evolution of a brave and empowered new Woman of our Time – join us on this wonderful journey at this important time in our history.









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