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Saturday 13th November 2021

Location – ExCel London – Planet Earth

My alarm sounded at 4.30 am. Why did I ever think this would be a great idea? I love my sleep, but then the excitement hit me. I was going to spend the day completely and unapologetically immersed in one of the best-loved SciFi conventions this planet has to offer. Destination Star Trek. I am a complete geek, and my family are very patient with me, they really don’t understand my love of the Science Fiction genre. To them, it’s just plain bonkers. To me, that’s exactly why I love it.
Star Trek encompasses all that we hope humanity can be and although it had a rocky start it has become one of the best love franchises out there with countless movies, series, books, and a huge fan base with its own fan fiction and culture. A rabbit hole I have fallen into on many an occasion, with interesting results…

Anyway, what a great day I had. My favourite bit is always the cosplayers. The amount of effort people put into their costumes is truly impressive, most of which are handmade, stitched, moulded, carved, and created over many hours. They then have to put it all on and walk about in it. One lady dressed as a Borg was wearing New Rock boots which I know for a FACT weigh half a stone! Now that’s dedication.

I managed to get some photos of some of the characters, but my standout moment was when I caught up with Ed Zephyr, a most convincing young ‘Captain James Tiberius Kirk’. His costume detail and grooming were exquisite, and he told me he took great care and time to prepare himself and get into character to become this much-loved individual. He embraces the LGBTQA+ community and firmly believes the Star Trek genre has much to offer in terms of acceptance and just being allowed to ‘be’, there is still work to be done but he is hopeful.
I had a lot of fun chatting with him and am so glad to have been part of an event that celebrates inclusivity and acceptance.

Live Long and Prosper.

Written by: Michelle Duncan

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