International Jazz Day

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With Will Vine

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Will Vine presents a celebration of the African influences on British jazz.

‘I chose to describe myself as a Jazz Messenger during a decade long stint as publicist for the Hertsjazz organisation. Even for many famous and fashionable jazz heroes bums on seats is not always given in the UK, a country that hosts a population largely determined not to dig what’s good for it. Boy, if Art Farmer, Benny Golson and Tal Farlow knew the flyposting I did to get a decent audience in for them….. Musically I know what I like if not always why. I have a bit of an aversion to big bands but nothing will ever part me from my Brotherhood of Breath LPs nor will I ever let go of Roland Kirk’s The Inflated Tear, the first jazz record I ever spent money on and am still playing.’

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