The One Where the UYC See’s Ghosts

today May 5, 2022

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Mr C is talking about life, music and the universe with We Ghosts.

We Ghosts blend elements of pop, blues, jazz, soul, reggae and rock in a refreshing and original way. Fronted by the song writing team of Swedish singer/guitarist J.J.Woodall and English singer/multi-instrumentalist John Christopher, they divide their time between Scandinavia, the U.K, France and Holland and have also played as far afield as the U.S.A. and Australia.

Over the last decade We Ghosts have performed hundreds of gigs a year and make for a splendid live show worthy of any stage.

Their atmospheric, eerie and inventive recordings have been used in soundtracks as well having received frequent international airplay and critical acclaim.

During the last few years We Ghosts have been increasingly active in the U.K and their recorded work has received radio airplay throughout the country. The group tour the length and breadth of the UK on a regular basis, playing venues and festivals both large and small to an enthralled public.
Since 2017, We Ghosts have also been active in France and The Netherlands and of course, Sweden.
In 2014, in collaboration with Stockholm Trance D.J. Rich Edwards, a remix of a We Ghosts song, ‘Sweetest Addiction’ became a worldwide hit, charting in many countries and introducing millions of new fans to Jen’s crystal vocals and John’s song writing.

We Ghosts album releases include;
Paranormal Activity -2006
No Time For Goodbye- 2009
Walking Through Walls -Live- 2010
Almost Alone -2012
Decade -2014
Blue Wave-2016
The Ragtime Infantry- 2018
The Borderline EP- 2020.
The Singles (Album)- 2021

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Begin May 5, 2022 H 8:00 pm
End May 5, 2022 H 10:00 pm
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