The One Where Mr C talks Fogman

today August 11, 2022

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Mr C is very excited to talk again to John ‘Fogman’ Burkitt.

Regular Chuffers will know John from his interactions on @the Chuff Bus. John is going to discuss life, the universe, music and everything in between with Mr C. They will also touch on the band @Zed Head which John is part of, check out their website

Tune in Thursday 11th August 8 till 10pm BST www.dealradio.co.uk use the Tune In app, ask your smart speaker to ‘play Deal Radio’ Join in with the listeners conversations at the Facebook group @the chuff bus. See less

Begin August 11, 2022 H 8:00 pm
End August 11, 2022 H 10:00 pm
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