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Dear Listeners,

I couldn’t be more delighted to share success stories with you from some of our 2021 Women of our Time (WOOTs).

So many stories of follow up and successes to report I barely know where to start!

Everything from the changing of Court rulings won by the WASPI Women & Dee Wild Kearney to the successful banning of live animal exports supported by animal campaigner Julia Jennings at Sheep Ahoy. Let’s not forget the tireless commitment to providing new happy homes for dogs with Stevie Henry and her amazing Futures for Dogs.

Women in charge of their creative business lives capture amazing video and documentary footage in New York and across the USA with Dami Akinussi and a third album on the horizon from the inspirational new-age soul singer & songwriter Majella Turner with her husband Ted Turner!

Further success stories continue to raise the WOOT bar ever higher with the indomitable Joanna Walton leading the charge for Climate Change at Ashden org attending Cop26 and the amazing Rachel Holloway continuing to advise Governments and Countries worldwide on advanced better regulation!

Let’s hear it for the Artists amongst our WOOTs. Lynn Holbrook Sutcliffe and Claire Griffiths who are successfully designing, hosting Art Workshops across the South East and also even exhibiting at the Turner, Margate!

These are but a few success stories coming out of the pandemic and following interviews and life stories on Deal Radio. All these women faced tremendous challenges and have pushed through!

I am recently interested in and exploring the ideas around ‘self actualisation’ and justifying the great phases in life that we feel may have been WASTED!?!
For example I didn’t pick up a paint brush in 30 years after getting a U in A level Art and the pandemic forced me to.
Consequently, I re-discovered a latent talent. But the question is….have I been wasting my life all along? Or did I have to do what I did to get this point in my Art? I could have spent 30 years improving and advancing in my craft instead of racing to catch up at the 11th hour?!

Is time really ever wasted? How can we feel like we aren’t wasting our energies either in our relationships or in our professional lives?!

If the decisions we make are critical to the speed of our success trajectories, how are we not crippled with anxiety about making the right decisions.

How can we free up time to gain a clarity of thinking in order to make the right decisions as we go along?!

There is nothing quite like regret and so how do we manage ‘what could have been’ as time goes by?

Answers on postcards from any of you dear listeners!

Until next week’s blog….

Remember that – potentially,
the best is yet to come!

– Rosie Wall

Written by: Rosie Wall

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