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Caution Aussie On Board

With Ozzy the Aussie

Caution Aussie on board is a punk/ skate rock radio show for the unwashed masses produced at Deal Radio. It features music from the 90’s til today, interviews with artists, comedy and everything that rocks. Listen online at Deal, the Deal Radio mix cloud account or via the tunein app.

So I moved to East Kent a few years ago with my wonderful lady to make a new life in the UK.

I have always been passionate about music since growing up back in Australia. I remember listening to the sound coming from my sister’s room across the hall blasting the likes of Nirvana, The Atari’s and Blink 182 records and that’s when it all began.

Ever since then there has been a big part of me that has wanted to be a part of the music industry in any capacity, enter Deal Radio. To be honest it’s a dream for me to be presenting/ producing my own show and the creative freedom the station gives to its presenters is amazing it just goes to show the character and harmony of the place for everyone involved. I had no experience prior to starting with the station but I knew I had to go for it, there has always been something itching under the surface and now looking back the show has almost been running for a year. I am still working out the kinks as I go but I feel as though something inside of me has woken up and been unleashed… happy days.

Also on another matter during my spare time I like to listen to music, go to live shows, watch sports, participate in Australian related activities such as eating vegemite, boomerang throwing, wrestling crocodiles, collecting spiders and hanging out with my two rescue pooches.

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